The wooden bowls Castor are the result of a collaboration between the designer Daniel Svahn and beavers.
The beavers create the intricate chew marks when felling the trees which gives each Castor bowl their own unique exterior. The smooth interior made by the designer makes it a useful object that can be used as a bowl.

Designer: Daniel Svahn

Edition: Unique pieces

Material: Wood

Measurements (cm):
XS – W 7, D 7, H 6 (B2:1)
S1 – W, D, H
S2 – W 10, D 9,5, H 6 (B4:3)
S3 – W 11,5, D 10,5, H 9 (B2:5)
M1 – W 14, D 12, H 14,5 (B1:4)
M2 – W 15,5, D 13,5, H 11 (B1:2)
M3 – W, D, H
M4 – W, D, H
M5 – W, D, H
L – W, D, H

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