Japanese born textile designer Fumi Hotta studied and lived in Sweden during ten years and has developed a special expression in her design by combining the two countries styles and techniques.

A fusion between these shows the similarities of the two cultures but also challenges them. Highly developed Japanese weaving techniques enables new design that otherwise would have been impossible. Combining them with the Scandinavian simple roughness is the strength in Fumi Hotta’s work.

The products were launched at the exhibition Crooked Concept 17 with the theme Sprouts.

All ideas have to sprout from somewhere. The process of something beginning to grow within our subconscious to the moment when we succeed to convert that idea into real physical objects and forms can take on many different guises. Crooked Concept 17 was showing five designers and their creations which are questioning our thoughts and expectations on what is normative.

Designer: Fumi Hotta

Edition: 3 pieces

Material: Alpaca, cupro, wool, nylon

Measurements (cm): W 100, D 150

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