Newton is the latest addition to designer Daniel Svahn’s conceptual world of expressions, technique and imagination. The lampshades are more of a form and production experiment rather than products, but contain thoughts and wonderings about manufacturing, mass production, crafts and what design is or can be in general.

Designer Daniel Svahn makes the lampshades himself by dropping a bowling ball from a certain height down to a round, thin sheets of steel. In this way he uses mass and gravity as his main tools to shape the lampshades.Depending on exactly where, and by what force the sphere hits the steel sheets, the result varies and contribute to that each shade becomes unique even if similar to all the others.

The steel sheets remain untreated so that scratches and rust will continue to make each shade even more unique in its appearance and character.

Lightbulb not included.

Designer: Daniel Svahn

Edition: 20 pieces

Material: Steel

Measurements (cm): D approx 40

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