The primary form of Photography is an existing or non- existing imprint that we allow to become its own object. The primary form of a book is the same but in a narrative form. The narrative impression reflects its creator in a conscious or un- conscious way, like a self- portrait that can be discerned with the right viewing angle.

The self- portrait is, like an living story, originated from My primary form. Parts of a body, parts composed to create a whole.

The chosen pages from the self- portrait becomes fragments from my life. Like moments from the past or the future past. Moments or objects highlighted to be their own story but but also be put in relation to the whole.

The observer is allowed to be a part of, and create his own perception and impression of the story through his own angle.

Designer: Mathilda Werngren

Edition: 5 unique pieces

Material: Printed plexi and mirror

Measurements: 20 x 20 x 15 cm