The Polypore boxes are made of 100% polypore fungus that are picked from dead trees in the forest. Mixed with water to get a pulp that is pressed against molds left to dry, make all of the boxes unique. The color depends on what type of polypore the box is made of. A technique developed by the designer herself.

Jennie Adén’s design is based on the principle ”dig where you stand” and she often use and experiment with local raw materials such as wood, elk leather and wool, everything collected from a small area in the woods of Värmland, Sweden.

Designer: Jennie Aden

Edition: Unique pieces

Birch Polypore
Hoof Fungus
Red-Banded Polypore

Measurements (cm):
D varies between 8 – 14
H varies between 6,5 – 8,5

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