Revisit is a project centered on memories, but also obsession and mortality with a focus on the peel of fruits and vegetables. The peel is significant since it is visually the point of review when purchasing items. There by the peel is the part of the fruit or vegetable that is continuously sprayed and tampered with to create the most aesthetically pleasing and sustainable product. In many ways, this resonates with our own skin and the struggle to achieve or maintain a perfect exterior.

With this undertaking, Marie Lindblad wants to question our fixation with perfect surfaces and whether we in fact want to give our food eternal life.

Revisit is a collection of ceramic bowls. The bowls have been made in a process in which tomatoes are hollowed out and covered in ceramic. The ashes, that is visible in the glaze, are the remainders of the tomato skins.

Designer: Marie Lindblad

Edition: Unique pieces

Material: Porcelain, ashes

Measurement (cm): D varies between 4 – 10

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