A friend for the empty spaces.

Anna Harström is the ceramicist who by a coincidence started exploring plaster. She liked the metamorphose the material underwent and combined that new found love with the question: How do we view art in relation to function? Somewhere between solid and fluid plaster Sidekick emerged. The condition made it easy to work with and the sculptures became organic and almost weightless.

Inspired by the empty spaces of the interiors, the places in a home that always miss something, Anna turned the organic sculptures into useful components in a variety of colours and shapes. In this way the empty spaces are given shape and purpose which the user can play and experiment with.

Her sculptures are a way of giving back the function to art and discover where in the function the artistic expression lies.

Designer: Anna Harström

Edition: Unique pieces

Material: Plaster

Measurements (cm):
Unipod S – D 30, H 20
Unipod M – D 30, H 60
Tripod S – D 25, H 25

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