Collaboration between Samir Dzabirov and Straight Design Studio.

Samir Dzabirov and Straight Design Studio have developed a collection of original sculptures in ceramic. Together they’ve examined different shapes, function, design, and craft. This process eventually resulted in the product Veer.

The idea started in 2018, after an exhibition during Stockholm Design Week, when Samir and Straight explored several possible features for a product. It ended up with Samirs reversible Flipper – a combined bowl and sculpture, in the shape of a pedestal.

With Veer, they wanted to develop this shape further. The result became a series of sculptures, reversible and with double function. The wider side of the object is serving as a bowl, but when you flip it, the opposite part of the sculpture will reveal an opening that serves as a vase. The hight of the sculpture is bringing the bowl up from the table, providing us with a nice variety of length and space for the table setting.

”We wanted to play with shapes and function. Create something in movement, without any visible beginning or end. Change direction to change function.” The own words about the collaboration, by Viktor Erlandsson from Straight.

Veer is accessible in five sizes. The body of the object is in a light color with a dark laze, spread in a pattern highlighting the reversible function.

Designer: Straight Design Studio + Samir Dzabirov

Edition: Unique pieces

Material: Ceramics

Measurements (cm):
XS – D 9,5, H 11
S – D 11,5, H 13,5
M – D 17,5, H 17,5
L – D 17, H 24
XL – D 22, H 14

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